About Us


About Us

Sunflower Education System is a premier educational group which deals in providing quality & unique education services through continuous innovation in the field of education.
We at Sunflower ,sincerely believe in contributing our best whatever we do as to surpass our own benchmarks and create an enviable position for ourselves to make our presence felt.

Sunflower School

it is a co-educational English medium school affiliated to CBSE. It is located in the heart of Jamnagar city nurturing students from Std. Nursery to Std.9.

The school can be termed as a complete e-school and is equipped with e-system, e-communications and e-classes.

The school firmly believes in the Ideology of holistic development of students by providing them concept based teaching through an Ideal, result oriented, time tested teaching methodology to develop students’  intellectual capability & competence.

The institute is an ideal place to study from the beginning to the higher secondary level constructing the basic academic foundation on which further studies& career development becomes assured.


Vision & Mission

1)  To import quality education replete with visual concepts & practical solutions in stress-free & burden less environment.

2)  To develop proficiency in global language & national language.

3)  To prepare 21st  century students through Digital Literacy.

4)  Preparing students for world citizenship from classroom activities.

5)   To master the skill of the game opted for, with a disciplined approach & sportsman spirit.

6) To preserve Indian culture, moral values & patriotism among the students.

Vice Principal says

Ms. Kosha Rawal

We have vision of growth and expansion, which spring from the belief that we have an Early Child Education System which is an exclusive and can be replicated, replica & presented to  the end user – preschool kids & their parents as a value product.

The Mission of Sunflower Preschool is to build a healthy foundation for life long learning in children. Sunflower Preschool builds this foundation by supporting the development of the child through series of meaningful activities which promotes physical, social, emotional & cognitive development.

What teachers say

Hina Khan

Our Beginning had been humble, our Growth has been praiseworthy, and so has been the goodwill that we received from the students, Parents and the well wishers who believe in our motive towards setting a School with difference.

Sunflower School has constantly thrived to keep up to its promises of providing quality education with a difference. In view of providing better facilities to students and teachers, Sunflower School has made immense investments to procure the latest of technology advances in the field of education.

Rakhee Sharma

Sunflower School prepares every child for life by imparting education which instills self-confidence and leadership. The child is helped to identify his or her strength. School creates an ideal environment for child to learn to evolve into a responsible citizen.

Here we carve the young minds to widen the horizon of thought process which enriches the students to deal with real life experiences. The students of  Sunflower  School, Jamnagar has made their presence felt in all walks of life, be it Science & Technology, Computer, Business and so on….

Meera Bhatt

“Just like every parent we aspired to give the best to our children, best of the education, best of our attention without any compromise. It was a wish, a longing and a dream Sunflower School is that dream come true…. the School carries impeccable impression on its pupils that knowledge is a priceless possession to be used for its own sake and not as a means to an end. It thus believes in imparting education in the real sense of the term.

Mrs. P V Padmaja

I have a great experience at Sunflower School which provides an outstanding platform for the vibrant and energetic student community.  School encourages students to be tolerant and respectful of others and to become responsible citizens of the nation. This ensures that they are fully equipped with the skills required to respond effectively to face the challenges of the professional world as confident. I proud to be  a part  of Sunflower family

Sunflower Education System Pvt. Ltd.

is a leading name in the league of schools providing quality education across Gujarat.

We are the school management consultancy firm offering strategic school management services to self-financed schools across Gujarat mainly a School franchisee in distinctive category , Complete school ERP, Preschool franchise , and turnkey project consultancy for start-up schools.


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