Akshit M. Pobaru

Akshit -M-Pobaru

Managing Trustee

As young entrepreneur, my personal feeling is that in today’s rapidly changing scenario, schools have the most responsible and important role to play and thus educational institutes must always crave for bringing quality and effectiveness in school education. Sunflower School is moving towards the same goal.

The single most important gift we can bestow upon our youth is ‘Education’ and it is our greatest responsibility to do so. We consider it our bounden duty in Sunflower School to ensure that every pupil in our charge is educated to the fullest extent of its capability and is prepared academically, morally and socially to take its place in society with its best prospect of success and fulfillment.

It is our task to bring together the influences necessary to make this happen in every case – excellent facilities, good teaching, and responsible parenthood, caring social leadership – to make sure that every student is correctly assessed for potential and fully developed.

It is the endeavor of the Sunflower Group to make the academic life, a smooth journey full of joy and discovery. I extend my warm wishes to the Principal, Staff and Students of Sunflower School for the best of their performance.

Sunflower School is an institution which by God’s grace, greater partnership, and hard work of the team and faith of parents shall bring Jamnagar to the map of prominent educational institutions of Gujarat.

My heart fills with pride and pleasure as I perceive the progress that will be made at Sunflower School-Jamnagar .The seeds of an idea of a unique school sown will soon take firm root and this school will grow into a strong sapling.

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