E-school Approach


E – school Approach

Sunflower e-school system is the outcome of 14 years of our research and edifying experience which provides efficient and time saving tools for managing schools at various levels. It’s 8 key modules are combination of well-defined school planning, school administration, report generation and an effective communication system between the schools and parents.

This unique web of interlinked modules for data generation provides a wide range of reports which is vital for school assessment and thus enables school authorities to take prompt remedial actions.

E – school system comprises:

  e system & Key modules based ERP
  e communication – web based communication between school &parents

SESPL –ERP approach is a refined work, condensed to a practically implementable school system for school which can be easily administred and utilizes


E – school Features

e – school ERP is user friendly exhaustive ERP designed specifically to plan and control all school related operations. The various features of eschool help the management / principal / Head Academics / teachers to manage and control school academic smoothly and carry out an effective analysis resulting in a sound control over students, teacher & school performance.

The various modules which help in controlling and managing school are :

  Administration Manager
  Academic Planner
  Analytical Manager
  HR Manager
  E principal
  Communication Manager
  Entry Manager

Android Apps
  Parents App
  Principal Teacher App
  Mother App (Nursery to 5th)

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