Over the last 6 years Sunflower  School has been known for its excellence in education. Its focus is on high quality teaching and learning, a broad and rich curriculum including a robust enrichment programme, diverse extra-curricular opportunities and a supportive guidance programme. The school is not highly selective yet works on the intrinsic strengths of each student to achieve the excellent academic reputation with a team of dedicated trained teachers. Within this well knit community we promote tolerance, mutual respect and valuing others’ views, even when different, or rather particularly when different from one’s own.

We follow  Central Board of Secondary Education Curriculum

Pre School – 8:30-12:30

Primary School- 7:30-1:10

Yes. In order to make your visit informative and useful, please fix an appointment via email (Jamnagar.ses@gmail.com). For more details, please  call 02882756699.

The teaching staff is highly qualified and 1/3rd are CBSE Examiners/workshop leaders/syllabus developers.

The teacher student ratio averages 1:8.

The Admissions Office starts accepting applications normally in November every year for admission into the academic year beginning the following August. We accept applications at other times if a place is available. An application is processed only when all required documents and necessary payments have been submitted.

We give preference to siblings of students already in the school in that siblings automatically move to the top of their respective category in the waiting list.

Confidential recommendations are school-to-school documents and must arrive at the Admissions Office directly from either the teacher or the school of the applicant. Confidential recommendations may be sent via email or post in a sealed/stamped envelope. Obtaining the confidential recommendations is the responsibility of the parents, even during the holidays.

Once an application is complete (all required documents have been submitted and appropriate fee payments have been made) the applicant’s name will be put on the new students list and for further development   the admissions office executive  will get in touch with you.

Sunflower  School has an age policy which it follows diligently for all admission applications. Nursery is our first year group and we accept students from the age of 3 years plus.

Yes, you can  register online. Some key documents (passport copy, photograph) need to be uploaded at the time of registration itself and others such as transcripts of previous 2 years, health information are required to be delivered by hand or by courier.

Do you accept student applicants from other educational systems?

Yes, students from different educational systems are welcome to apply as long as they fulfill all the admissions criteria. They will be placed in our year groups according to our age policy.

As per Government norms, the fees is to be paid quarterly as per the below mentioned schedule for the year 2018-19.

Installment Date Year
1st Before 30th June 2018
2st Before 30th August 2018
3st Before 30th November 2018
4st Before 28th February 2019

No, new students must be in school physically within one week after the offer of admission. Exceptions will be made only after prior approval from the relevant Principal. If we do not hear from the parents in a week’s time, the offer of admission will be void and the seat will be forfeited. Returning students should refer to the school attendance policy for their particular section of the school.

If a child is leaving school, a written notice must be given to the Principal before specific dates for every term.

Those who are uncertain of the exact date of their departure may give a provisional withdrawal notice to ensure refund of deposits. Students will remain on our rolls until final confirmation of withdrawal is given.

Immediate intimation of withdrawal as soon as you know that your children may leave the school, helps us in being prompt with your refunds and your child’s transcripts and other documents

Refundable deposits are fully refundable only if the notice is given in writing to the Principal as per given schedule. Families who are uncertain of the exact date of their departure may give provisional withdrawal notice to ensure the refund of deposits. Students will remain on our rolls until final confirmation of withdrawal is given.

Notice for withdrawal must be provided as below

For withdrawal at the end of first term notice must be given by 16 August 2018.

For withdrawal at the end of second term notice must be given by 3 October 2018.

For withdrawal at the end of third term notice must be given by 15 January 2019.

For withdrawal at the end of fourth term notice must be given by 30 April 2019.

Yes, the School has excellent transportation facility in the form of bus and vans.

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