Ms. Kosha Rawal


Vice Principal

We have vision of growth and expansion, which spring from the belief that we have an Early Child Education System which is an exclusive and can be replicated, replica & presented to  the end user – preschool kids & their parents as a value product.

The Mission of Sunflower Preschool is to build a healthy foundation for life long learning in children. Sunflower Preschool builds this foundation by supporting the development of the child through series of meaningful activities which promotes physical, social, emotional & cognitive development.

The Preschool Program is based on early childhood curricula We create a positive environment in which preschool age children can grow and learn while establishing a warm and caring transition between home and school. Each child is recognized as an individual and is supported while moving forward one step at a time, developing social, academic and behavioral skills.

it offers all children an opportunity to play and learn with age-appropriate peers. All children learn individually and excel in different areas. in an integrated setting, every child is encouraged to shine in some area and has an opportunity to be a model to other students. All children are nurtured and recognized for their unique interested, strengths and needs.

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