Sports and Hobbies


Sports and Hobbies

During the academic year, kids are busy learning specific material that will help them to succeed in school as well as in life. Learning skills through as hobby or extracurricular activity is important in a different way.

One of the magics of childhood is that everything is new. Kids are exploring who they are, what they enjoy, and what they’re good at. Hobbies provide an excellent opportunity for kids to learn new skills and develop in ways that academic pursuits don’t always allow .School has a mission that every student of Sunflower School must be excellent in hobbies also so here School offers Western Dance and Skating.

Hobbies, especially sports, encourage team-building skills and help kids to meet new people and form friendships. Even if a child isn’t the best on his or her team, hard work and practice will see improvements in sports skills, which builds self-confidence on and off the field. If a child does discover a talent for a sport, extended practice and honing in skills can help him or her to excel in high school and perhaps even receive a sports-based scholarship to college.

The school provides a matrix of intra and inter-school sports activities like Table Tennis, Pistol Shooting and Judo Karate. From Class I the students are encouraged to specialize in a sport, according to their inclination and also based on the suggestions of the expert Coaches for at least one whole year. Many of them stay specialized with that sport from Class I to VIII and acquire special skills. This emphasis also instills team spirit skills for life beyond the school days, and a wider appreciation of sport in general. The school also has a popular non-competitive section to encourage mass participation. Every student on an average plays one hour of sports everyday. An ‘early rise’ fitness programme of scientifically planned set of exercises and yoga keeps the boys ‘healthy and agile’. Further, the school has a mission that every student of Sunflower School must be excellent in hobby also so here School offers Western Dance and Skating . Apart from outdoor sports, the students are encouraged to play cerebral games like Chess.

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